Why Conversations Trump One-Off Messages On Twitter

Two-Way Twitter Conversations Ahead

Consumers are turning away from blatant “in-your-face” advertising on billboards and in magazines. They’re tired of the one-way, megaphone-style messages from decades past. They crave a new type of brand communication – and brands can give it to them, thanks to social media.

Twitter breaks down the barrier between consumers and brands. With each 140-character message, brands have the opportunity to establish a genuine connection with their fans.

But there’s a catch: brands have to treat Twitter like the new form of communication that it is, not just another platform for sending the same static, one-way messages they’ve sent in the past.Continue Reading..


The Power Of Live Twitter Chats For Service And Support

When a customer has a question, they expect a brand to answer. And quickly.

Social media has reduced the barrier between customers and brands, allowing for quicker, more effective and cheaper customer service. Since the cost of acquiring new clients is much higher than retaining current ones, brands that put their best effort into customer service and support will not only create more loyal, long-term customers, they’ll save money, too. Continue Reading..


How Live Chats Help You Sell Your Product on Twitter


Marketers often think of Twitter as a place to build brand awareness – but it can also be a fantastic avenue to generate income by selling your products.

Imagine for a minute that Twitter is a physical place. But rather than a cocktail party or water cooler, visualize Twitter as your storefront – the location where all of your branding, products and customers converge. And these customers are also bombarded by hundreds of other brands’ messages, trying to pull them into their storefront. How do you keep your customers engaged enough to actually make a purchase in this chaotic environment? Continue Reading..


3 Sure-Fire Ways To Boost Your Brand’s Reach On Twitter

3 Sure-Fire Ways To Boost Your Brand’s Reach On Twitter

As Twitter becomes more pervasive, brands are getting better at crafting content that not only fits the 140-character limit, but is witty, insightful and informative, too. However, if no one sees these compelling tweets, what good are they?

Organically, tweets reach only a small percentage of your brand’s audience. Those 10,000 followers you’ve painstakingly accumulated? Each of them will only see your latest tweet if they are online when you send it, or if they take the time to check your profile (few do). So, rather than throw your hands up in frustration and turn on an auto-tweeter, try these three sure-fire ways to boost your brand’s reach on Twitter to get your tweets in front of more eyeballs.Continue Reading..


Tweet, Shop, & Win With @webcitygirls #SocialSalon


Last night, the trail-blazing women at webcitygirls// hosted the very first #SocialSalon event. The #SocialSalon brings hosts and celebrity guests together with their social audiences to engage in real-time Tweetcasts. Planned topics cover technology, music, fashion, beauty, and more. Participants will be invited to learn about new products, join a live conversation, and shop.

During the first #SocialSalon, host and webcitygirls// founder Lynn Ponder, her sister and co-host Linda, and guest Laura Termini (@LauraTermini) shared their love of Coolway (@coolwayhair) products with women around the world.Continue Reading..


Tweetcast Round-Up: Exciting Tweetcasts From The Week Of 02/17

Tweetcast Round-Up

We’re excited to see so many organizations using Tweetcasts in innovative ways. From teaching a class on patient engagement, to a live Q&A with a celebrity designer, to learning how to launch a successful web project, the most recent batch of Tweetcasts were all about learning and education – each with their own unique twist.Continue Reading..


A Real Connection Is More Than A Reply, Retweet, Or Favorite

Buzzwords like “engagement” and “community building” dominate social media marketing lingo, but what do these words really mean?

To foster a genuine connection with a customer, a brand must first understand who their customers are and what they want. Only then can they come up with a strategy that will resonate with their audience. “Engagement” is really only engagement when it works two ways: when both the brand and customer care about the interaction.Continue Reading..


The Problem With A Closed Session Webinar

The problem with closed session webinars.

Many businesses today have realized the power that webinars have to generate leads. Webinar audiences have an inherent interest in your business, and are thus more likely to be converted into customers as you cultivate your relationship with them.

And as webinars become more popular, businesses are increasingly turning to Twitter to augment them. They use hashtags as both a promotional tool pre-webinar and to organize questions and answers during the presentation. We call these webinars “closed session”, as they require registrants to watch the session in one window and participate on Twitter in another.

These closed session webinars have a some built-in problems.Continue Reading..


Infographic – The Social Winners of #SB48

As they do each year, the top two NFL teams met for the ultimate game of the season, Super Bowl 48. However, it wasn’t just the biggest sporting event of the year, the NFL also hosted the biggest social conversation of the year by creating the official #SB48 Twitter hashtag to capture online engagement.

We wanted to measure that conversation to see if we could determine the “Social Winners” of this year’s Super Bowl. Using a Live Tweetcast we streamed every tweet that mentioned the hashtag #SB48. We started tracking at kick-off and stopped tracking at the end of the game. This infographic not only reflects the winning team, it also highlights the standout brands and individuals that were the most active and engaged on Twitter during the game.Continue Reading..


3 Brands That Are Doing Live Chat On Twitter Right


As a real-time social network, Twitter lends itself nicely to live chats. From early community-organized chats about marketing, blogging and social media, Twitter chats have grown in popularity and usefulness as Twitter itself matures. Chats are now an essential tool for many digital-savvy brands looking to grow their social media footprint.

Brands typically use Twitter to host live chats that accomplish two main things: to build more loyal, engaged communities around the brand’s Twitter account; and to improve the brand’s visibility, sentiment and perceived expertise.

The three brands highlighted below all host chats with different styles, goals, and subject matter – what they have in common, however, is their success.Continue Reading..